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Brian, the Angel of History EP

by Robin Sloan

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I love to get things started I love to help them along I believe I have seen what's coming Let me show you what I found We're time bandits We're digging in the crates Just a gang of thieves But it's not that we're ungrateful Nowadays it's easy to start a band Get out, get around Give me a morsel from this plate of sound It's a mess, yes It's electrified We jam hot We jam cool Oh yeah, we jam econo, too This black mass of information This vast and awful book There is fire in the rock But don't look, oh, please, don’t look Whatever you now find weird, uncomfortable, and nasty about a new medium will surely become its signature This black mass of information This hot galaxy of song There's something hiding in the center If you must look… don't look long Nowadays it's easy to start a band Get out, get around The distortion, the jitter, the crap sound All of these things will be cherished So you might as well cherish them now Oh, it's so easy to start a band!
Love Songs 02:19
Love songs aren't about love They're about love songs Love songs were never 'bout love Only 'bout love songs, no, yeah Love songs Yes, yes Love songs were never about love Never, ever, ever, ever about love They're about love… They're about love songs Just like gangster's learn how to be bad From watching gangster movies Love songs aren't about much They're about love songs Ten thousand years ago Someone fell in love And sang a song about it The first and only song about love But ever since, it's been this way Love songs aren't about love They're about love songs They're about all those other love songs They're about that first love song
Oh, challenge me Put me back in history Give me anything with my name on it Sell me a ticket to my own burning I can't sit here waiting I can't just sit here reading Marx This summer is a problem This summer is a promise So challenge me After high school, I worked at the greenhouse I moved bags of dirt for minimum wage Annie knew everything about flowers She called me comrade First Communist I ever met Annie said, challenge me After college, I drove around town With the 20th century stuck in the tape deck And Brian, the angel of history, riding shotgun We conspired, he inspired me, and at every stoplight He rolled down the window and cried, Wake up comrades! Wake the dead! After the funeral, I barely left home Played Pokemon Blue in the bathroom I was mad at the world, the lack of a world That could give my comrade what she needed Brian brought me pizza, his wings were unfurled And his eyes blazed like the planets We sat on the porch, told stories about Annie And plotted a new revolution We said, challenge me Put me back in history


This is an experimental EP made with the help of AI tools.


released September 15, 2020




Robin Sloan Oakland, California

Robin Sloan is a novelist who also makes music using weird tools.

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